Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge "Pizzicato"

"Pizzicato" might be my favorite color from the RBL "L'Oiseau de Feu" collection. It's a lavender with silver glitter & such a delicate color that I can't hardly stop staring at my nails.

Unfortunately, since two days it's raining nearly non-stop here in the northern part of Germany & I had a really hard time to take a halfway decent pic. Even though I have an OTT light, it didn't help much... I still have to figure out how to take good pics using my OTT light. To be honest I'm trying since quite a while without any success - everything comes out blurry *duh*

So please bear with me, this is the best photo I was able to take (as always, please click to enlarge):

I had some issues with streaking & it took 3 coats to even out everything & to get the polish opaque. But the color is defintely worth the hassle. Even though you might argue it looks too spring-y to wear in fall, I can assure you that it really lifted my spirits & helped me dealing better with all the rain.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Oh mein Nagellack!
    ich will dich!
    WOW...sooooooo wunderschöne Farbe !
    Liebste grüße :) Kisssss

  2. This is not streaky at all. It's soooooo smooth. I love it! If my 1st coat is streaky and I top 2 coats more, it wouldn't even look as smooth as your final results. I love your healthy looking nails and nailbed. I love the colour too. Who says you've gotta wear fall colours when it's fall? Who dictates fashion anyway? Go girl!

  3. I realised I haven't left you a comment for a long long time since blogger screwed up the last time round!

  4. karo, Dankeschön :-) Der ist wirklichs chön!

    Jo, Hiya :-) Thank you very much. You're so right, one should simply wear what one wants to instead of being a slave to the seasons!