Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Nubar "Elegant Indigo"

Today I'd like to show you a duochrome glitter polish: Nubar "Elegant Indigo".
"Elegant Indigo" has a blackened blue base filled with blue & purple glitter particles. The duochrome is more prominent in the bottle than it is one the nails, but it's there if you look close:

*please click to enlarge*

I did three coats in these pics & had no problems whatsoever with the formula. The glitter is also very smooth, so you don't need more than one layer of TC.

Lately I'm such a sucker for all these dark moody colors, so "Elegant Indigo" fits in perfectly.
The glitter is rather subdued, so even people that usually aren't that much into glitter might like this one.

Thanks for looking :-)

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