Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Lace & Studs

My outfit posts have become rarer (as my posting has become rarer in general), but today I'd like to show you one.
This is an outfit I wore last week & I really liked how the combo turned out:

T-shirt: Esprit
Lace shirt: Street One
Cardigan: Street One
Leggings: random
Boots: Indian Spirit
Jewelry: random

Thanks for looking :-)

Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Bobbi Brown "Nude Peach"

With their new spring collection "Neons & Nudes" Bobbi Brown released two new blushes, Nude Pink & Nude Peach (which both will be a permanent addition to their blush line). Being such a sucker for anything peach, I needed to purchase the Nude Peach blush & believe me: It's gorgeous!

Like the name suggests it's a nude peach color which looks very light in the pan, but has great color payoff once applied to the cheeks.

The color isn't completely matte (even though Bobbi Brown declares it as such), but has fine shimmer which isn't obvious on the cheeks (you won't look glitter-y at all), but adds some depth. 
It applies beautifully without any streakyness & gives a healthy glow. 

As the proud owner ;-D of a zillion+ peach blushes, I tried my best to find any dupes for "Nude Peach", but didn't come up with any :-o 
It's really different enough from any other peach blushes I have in my collection to justify keeping it in my stash.

Here I compared it to two MAC blushes, "Pinch o'Peach" & "Melba", but even though the difference isn't that obvious when you look at them in their pans:

It really shows when you swatch them side by side:

While Pinch o'Peach is more pink, Melba is clearly more orange than Nude Peach.

If you're into peach blushes as much as I am & are looking for something that's perfect all year around without out being too bright or summer-y, you might want to give "Nude Peach" a try ;-)

Thanks for looking :-)

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

MAC "Red Dwarf"

I'd like to show y'all a new lipstick that I bought yesterday. It's from the current MAC Daphne Guinness color story that was released in Germany about a week ago.

The color I'm talking about is called Red Dwarf & is a pro longwear lipcreme. MAC says it last for a good 12 hours & even though it's a longwear formula, it'll keep your lips soft & hydrated even without a topcoat.

While I'm not sure it'll last for as long as MAC says, I can assure you that it lasts very well. It'll stay on your lips even if you eat a ice cream bowl & some french fries just like I did today :-D
I don't think it keeps your lips as soft as most non-longwear lipsticks do, but it didn't dry out my lips like e.g. MAC's pro longwear lip colors (unless I constantly re-apply the topcoat) do, either.

Red Dwarf is described as blue pink which is fairly accurate, but I'd say it's more of a blue toned raspberry pink than an actual pink - if that makes any sense ;-D It's not too dark, so you can wear it during the day, but of course also for a night out. 

When you apply it to the lips, you'll notice that it has a wet consistance which quickly dries down to a semi-matte finish.

It's a gorgeous color which I highly recommend checking out if you're into unusual lip colors like I am ;-) 
I can see this working on a variety of skintones.

This is how it looks on my rather pigmented lips:

Thanks for looking :-)