Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Glitter Gal "Lizard Belly"

Glitter Gal "Lizard Belly" is a blackened green, I wish it was a teensy bit lighter, but oh well, you can't have it all, I guess *lol*
It's a linear holographic polish which you can also see in the shade:

In the sun (or in this case: with flash) the stunning holo comes fully to life (please excuse my ghostly white hands, my flash always does this to me *sobs*):

*as always, please click to enlarge*

The formula is absolutely fantastic, you can get away with only one coat because the formula is on the thicker side.

If you like holos, this one is definitely worth getting!

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Du treibst mich in den Wahnsinn!
    Ist der WUNDERVOLL!
    ich liebe Holo Lacke :)
    liebste grüße & einen wunderschönen Abend noch!

  2. karo, Oh sorry, das will ich aber nicht *lol* Aber der ist echt toll, da kann ich leider nicht widersprechen *gg*
    Dir auch noch einen schönen Abend & ganz liebe Grüße :-))

  3. WOW Lizard Belly is beautiful!!! And ghostly is good! :D It makes a wonderful contrast for a gorgeous dark polish like this one. I'm definitely lemming this after your amazing photos!

  4. wirklich eine sehr interessante farbe! und ich mag deine nägel! :)

    vlg yvonne

  5. Wow! Gorgeous color..Totally sparkle when hit flash..^_^

  6. I'm fascinated by the shape of your nails.

  7. Thank you & Dankeschön :-)

    I Drink Nail Polish, *lol* Yes, it's definitely a huge contrast between my skin in these pics & the polish color! It's a great holo as it looks also nice in the shade.

    Tereza, I hope that is a good thing? ;-)

  8. I love this, but I like the color of Glitter Gal Deep Green better, even though it's not a linear holo. Tabatha, do you also have the white holo? I think it's called "Light as a Feather"..