Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

Chanel "Gondola"

Chanel "Gondola" is from the Chanel Fall 2009 collection:

In the shade:

In the sun:

Burgundy is a typical fall shade for me & this one is especially nice because it has microglitter to it. In the bottle I can see gold & burgundy microglitter, but on the nail the burgundy one clearly dominates. My BF commented on how *hot* this color is (& he normally never cares much about the polish I wear), so I guess there must be something true about it *g*
Gondola has the typical high gloss finish that all Chanel polishes have in common & is opaque in 2 coats.

Zoya "Julieanne"

Today I'm wearing Zoya "Julieanne" (from the Wicked collection), a dark blue based purple with lighter purple shimmer:

In the shade it has an almost duochrome shimmer, very lovely. Unfortunately my camera had difficulties to capture the polish in all its glory.
Application was flawless, 2 coats was all it took to get an opaque finish.
As much as I love Zoya for their wide color range, I often have tipwear after just one day - to be more specifically: I only have these issues with their shimmer shades, the creme shades last much better - but this time there's no sign of tipwear after 24 hours *yay*!