Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

OPI "Swimsuit...Nailed It!"

"Swimsuit...Nailed It!" is a bright blue foil polish that looks like the water in a swimming pool. In the sun it's super sparkly. 
The formula is great, only two coats were needed to reach opacity. Nothing more to say about this color, so let's take a look at the pics, shall we?

In the shade:

In direct sunlight:

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. So amazingly gorgeous!!! I'm so happy I was able to get this polish. And after seeing your pics I'm feeling like I need a backup! :D It's so beautiful! Such an incredible blue. <3

  2. *_* total schön! den muss ich mir mal merken.

  3. Grrrrrrrr...HAMMER GEIL!
    Ich liebe Blau! OPI so wie so ;D
    Liebste Grüße & Gute Nacht! <3

  4. idrinknailpolish, ITA - this might be the nicest blue I have in my stash, it simply glows in the sun.

    maki & Lila, Danke :-)

    Karo, OPI macht wirklich mit die schönsten Lacke *zustimm*
    Dir auch eine gute Nacht *knuddel*