Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Chanel "Pirate"

Chanel "Pirate" (as well as two other polishes, "Rose Caché" & "Rose Exubérant") accompanied Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick release. First I didn't really care for "Pirate" - but then I found out it's a jelly! As I love jellies - especially red jellies - it was obvious that I needed to have this one in my stash :-D

It's a subdued, never too bright red & while it has a blue undertone, it should look gorgeous on a variety of skintones. Depending on the lighting, it can look a little darker, almost bordering on ruby or rather vivid & bold. It's incredibly shiny, too! 

As reds are notoriously hard to photograph, I can't guarantee you that my swatches are 100% true to life, but I did my best to show you "Pirate" as good as I can:

Even though "Pirate" has a jelly finish, it's pretty opaque & 2 thick coats should do. In these pics I did 3 thin ones & it dried very quickly. 
In my pics you might see a little VNL peeking through, but I assure you it's absolutely invisible IRL.
If you love red jellies as much as I do, I think you'll love this one.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Der Pirat 08 habe ich auch. ich muss der unbedingt drauf machen.
    Die Farbe ist einfach wunderschön und mein Liebling Chanel-also dafür gibt es einen plus punkt!
    Liebe Grüße & einen schönen Abend noch!

  2. karo, Danke :-) Den solltest Du aber unbedingt baldmöglichst mal tragen :-D
    Dir auch noch einen schönen Abend & liebe Grüße!

    Cailin's Place, Muchas gracias :-)

  3. That is THE perfect red for you! The color is just right and it must look so glamourous in the Chanel bottle. I love red manis so much. I need to wear more of them! :D

  4. sehr schöne farbe! im mom kauf ich auch sooooo viel lacke da weiß man nie welchen man zuerst auftragen soll.... :)

    vlg yvonne und einen schönen freitag wünsche ich dir noch
    ps: der essie lack den ich mir gekauft habe ist übrigens der little brown dress