Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Why do days only have 24 hours?!

I've the feeling that this week's going to be rather hectic, at least today was...
There's not much I've to say today, I'm a little tired because I stayed up all night, watching the Oscars. 
*Yay* for Natalie Portman & Christian Bale! & Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous in her red dress, it was my favourite dress of the evening.

I'm wishing you all a great week, stay calm & relaxed ;-D

eyes: MAC "Dalliance" on the whole lid, MAC "Unflappable" in crease & outer V. MAC "Carbon" to line.

face: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation in NW20, MAC "By Candlelight" MSF.

cheeks: MAC "Sushi Flower" eyeshadow used as blush.

lips: MAC "Ever Hip" lipstick, Chanel "Bikini Peach" glossimer.

nails: OPI "You Don't Know Jacques"

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Sing, Sing, Sing

I wanna feel, I wanna try
I wanna rock in the city tonight
(Live "Stage") 
Last night I was singing a few songs with the band of my best guy friend. They had a gig at a tiny punk club & needed a female singer for some of the songs, so they asked me. I enjoyed it & everything was cool, but my heels were killing me (I'll show them to you later on ;-)).
Unfortunately it was way too dark there to take any good pics, but I took a few photos at home before I left:

eyes: Illamasqua "Furore" pigment on lid & in crease, MAC "Gesso" to highlight, Essence "Berlin Story" liquid eyeliner to line.

face: Dianne Brill Smoothing Coverage Foundation in "01 Geisha Pearl", MAC "Tahitian Sand" beauty powder

cheeks: MAC "Pinch o' Peach" sheertone blush, the shimmery side of MAC MSF "Light Medium/Natural and Shimmer" as highlighter.

lips: Kat von D "Adora" lipstick (A big "Thank you so much!" to sunfish who swapped it with me :-))
nails: China Glaze "Red Pearl" (another TY to dear sunfish)

bow: Punk Up Bettie etsy store (Check them out, they're great!)

After I took these pics I realized that the top I was wearing was the one that I wore on our last gig, so I needed to change my outfit & switched to my favourite dress. 
As you can see, my neck looks so much lighter than the rest of my face & my body. It's always like that, as if it belonged to another person *lol* Usually I'm using self tanner to adjust, but admittingly I got lazy over the winter & didn't use it. Need to change that asap as it looks pretty much ridiculous at the moment :-D Oh well, nobody's perfect *g*

Those heels are maybe cute, but they are the most uncomfy shoes I've ever worn! Last summer I broke the little toe of my left foot & the minute I put on these heels, it started hurting again & it still does *boo*!
But beauty knows no pain, right?!

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

Woohoo - I'm already back :-D

Today I'm a very happy girl - The computer guy installed my new modemrouter & now everything works just fine *YAY*! I told him that he really made my day :-D

The 2 days without internet passed really quickly - thank goodness! When I'm on vacation, I don't miss the internet at all, but being at home without the possibilty to go online was kind of weird *lol*

I took a pic of the make up I'm wearing today (as always please click on the pics to enlarge):

eyes: MAC "Paparazz-She" mega metal eye shadow on lid & crease, MAC "Print" in outer crease & on outer lid (looks more brown than dark grey, though). MAC "Black Russian" pearlglide liner & "Print" e/s to line.

face: MAC "Mineral Satinfinish" foundation in NW20, MAC "By Candlelight" MSF all over face.

cheeks: MAC "Paparazz-She" mega metal e/s as blush.

lips: MAC "Flustered" lipstick with MAC "Miss Dynamite" dazzleglass on top.

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Bye For A Few Days!

Last week I already told you about the problems with my router. Now I finally found a nice guy who helps me with the installment & it turned out the problem is my very old modem. I need to buy a new one.
...well to cut a long story short: I won't be able to be online for a few days *sobs* ;-D
Hopefully I'll be online again by the end of the week!
Have a great week y'all & talk to you soon :-)

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Moi Je Joue...

 Moi je joue
Moi je joue à joue contre joue
Je veux jouer à joue contre voux
Mais vous, le voulez-vous?
 (Brigitte Bardot "Moi Je Joue")

Hello & bonjour dolls *waving "Hi!"*

Today I had enough time (my man was skateboarding again :-D) to take some pictures & this is the result: 

eyes: MAC "Velour" on lid & in crease, MAC "Blanc Type" to highlight, Essence liquid eyeliner "Berlin Story"as liner

cheeks: MAC "The Perfect Cheek"

lips: MAC "Spice" lip pencil, Shiseido "BE 208" lipstick, NARS "Chelsea Girls" lip lacquer

nails: OPI "Tickle My France-y" 

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Black Roses

Since I haven't posted for 3 days now, this one will be a little longer to make up for the delay ;-D

It's also my first outfit post (besides the purple dress I posted last week), but unfortunately my camera isn't the best & it didn't came out the way I hoped it would...but now that I took the pics, I'll show it to you anyways.

Today I went to pick my boyfriend up who was in town skateboarding (like he does almost every weekend) & this is how I looked like.

My Fotd:

eyes: MAC "Undercurrent" pearlglide intense liner as base on lid, Fyrinnae "Njordr" over it, MAC "Club" in crease, MAC "Vanilla" to highlight.

cheeks: BeneFit "Sugarbomb", NARS "Albatross" as highlighter.

lips: MAC "Enchantée" kissable lip color

polish: Chanel "Black Pearl"

My outfit:

Happy weekend everyone :-)

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Feeling Blue?!

Well, I'm not really feeling me blue, but I wore blue eye shadow today & thought I could share some pics with you:

*knock knock* Hi there, anybody at home?!

eyes: Fyrinnae "1.22 Gigawatts" on lid & to blend, MAC "Deep Truth" in crease, MAC "Gesso" as highlighter, MAC "Blacktrack" fluidline to line.

cheeks: NARS "Angelika" on cheeks, MAC "By Candlelight" MSF to highlight.

lips: MAC "Viva Glam V" lipstick & gloss.

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Would You Be My Valentine?

 Would you be my Valentine
If I was a world away?
(The Get Up Kids "Valentine")

Ever since I saw the promo pictures for Illamasqua's "Throb" collection I was in love with the look & I thought Valentine's day would be perfect for doing my own take of this look:
(Unfortunately the lighting conditions weren't the best, so some of the pictures don't have the best quality...)

Oh, a gift? For me? I wonder what it is!

It's a heart!

I have your heart inside of my hands
Will I play it to the beat?! 

eyes: MAC "Blanc Type"  all over lid, "Wedge" in crease & on outer lid. "Blacktrack" fluidline & "Fairylite" pigment mixed w/ mixing medium to line upper lashline.

cheeks: NARS "Exhibit A" (Shoutout to lovely Sunfish for sending it to me!), NARS "Albatross" as highlighter

lips: Illamasqua "Sangers"
A while ago My_private_Jet did a post about Cupid nails on her blog & I liked it so much that I decided to do something similar. So here comes my Valentine's day mani:
I used Illamasqua "Load" as a base & I painted the hearts with Illamasqua "Throb".

My boyfriend was such a sweetheart & gave me the following things (together with some chocolate truffles but I already ate those up :-D) as a Valentine's gift:

 I wish everyone an awesome Valentine's day - have fun :-)

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Thank you dear readers :-)

Currently my blog has 114 (!!! - unbelievable) readers & I think that's the perfect opportunity to thank you all :-)
I'm so happy about every new comment & every new reader - it's awesome that you all find my blog worth subscribing *yay*

As some of you might already know, I've some problems with my router & am in the proccess of installing a new one. At the moment, I can only see how many readers I have, but not who exactly they are - so sucky!
So if you have subscribed & I haven't visited your blog, yet, please drop me a line in the comment section so that I can check out your blog asap ;-)

Thank you very much again & hope you all will visit often :-D

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011


Not only am I still in a bad mood due to my computer problems, now the weather turned bad, too: It started to snow! Boo! I hate snow!

So what to post?! Well, I hope not to bore you when I show you some photos I recently took.

 I wish y'all a great weekend :-)