Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

More reds for the holidays

Chanel "Rouge Fatal" is a darker red with brown undertone, but I wouldn't say that it's so warm that cooler skintones couldn't pull it off:

It's extremely pigmented so you can get away with one thick coat, but I did - as almost always - two thinner coats. It has a high shine finish, even without Seche Vite, which I applied nevertheless.
Application was great as well as drying time (10 min w/ Seche Vite).
This polish ranks among my favourite reds of all time, it's a lovely color: Red but - due to the brown undertones - not your random everyday red.
IMO Chanel reds makes the most amazing reds out there!

And to prove my statement from above, I'd like to show you another red from Chanel, "Coromandel":

This is really stunning, it has hidden shimmer that only pops up in the sun or artifical lighting. I really adore the color, it's bright & warm & simply amazing!
If you like to wear warm reds, you need to try this!
It's even more pigmented than "Rouge Fatal", but I still did 2 coats& topped it with Seche Vite.
Application was flawless & drying time was again about 10 min.


  1. Wow tolle Rots! Der Rouge Fatal gefällt mir besonders gut!

  2. Beide ganz wunderbar ,Chanel hat immer sehr schöne Rottöne!


  3. Auf Rouge Fatal spekuliere ich auch schon eine ganze Weile. Und deine Bilder sprechen nun umso mehr dafür. Ein wunderbarer Rotton auf deinen tollen Nägeln. :)

    Wünsche dir ein schönes Weihnachtsfest!
    LG Petra

  4. Vielen lieben Dank für eure Kommis :-)

    @ Petra, Dir auch frohe Weihnachten :-)

  5. The same nailpolish!
    My sister gave me Rouge Fatal as apresent for my bhirtday in was my first Chanel nailpolish:-)
    I use it when I'm dressed especially in brown colors!