Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Festive Manis

Hi guys! 
Long time no see, but now I'm back in business, so here we go :-)

Today I decided to start a series of festive manis that are appropriate for Christmas.

The 1st color I chose is Chanel "Fire" which is from their core collection (at least over here in Germany):

What's better for Christmas than a classic red?! It's bright, but not to the point wear you'd need sunglasses to be able to look at your nails ;-)
Application was absolutely great (like you'd expect from Chanel even though they don't always deliver...), I needed 2 coats. As always I used my HG Seche Vite as topcoat & my mani dried very quickly in about 5 minutes.

My 2nd choice for today is OPI "Merry Midnight" from OPIs "Holiday Wishes 2009" collection:

Not everyone loves wearing red, so a dark purple with multicolored glitter & flakies would be a great alternative. I really wish OPI would do more colors like that.
I did 3 coats, but maybe you could also get away with 2 if you do thick coats. 
IMO "Merry Midnight" is one of OPIs best colors ever! Of course you need to like glitters & flakies, but they match beautifully with the base color, so there's absolutely nothing tacky about this polish. It looks pretty elegant & can be worn by all ages.

Come back tomorrow to see what other colors I've to show you :-)

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  1. I agree, Merry Midnight is really something special. I wore it everyday during my trip to Viet Nam last year. It made me very happy!