Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

MAC Tartan Tale Polishes

With their Tartan Tale Color Story (Holiday 2010) MAC released 2 polishes that I'd like to show you now.

The first one is "Style Clan":

Style Clan is a taupe-y brown with copper glitterflecks (which aren't very apparent in most lightings). I'd call it ugly-pretty, it's one of those shades that I'm always drawn to. But maybe it's not for everyone, you really have to like this type of colors.
The formula was really good, maybe a little on the thick side, but absolutely manageable. Drying time was also great, about 10 minutes.

The other one is "Sly As A Fox":

This one is to die for *swoons* It's a browned red & it has that "je ne sais quoi" about it that makes it so special & stunning.  There's also some hidden red shimmer, but it's even less visible than the one in "Style Clan".
This is really one of the sexiest polishes I own, I felt sorry when I had to take it off (which rarely happens). 
IMO it'd look best on warmer skintones, cooler skintones might have problems with this color as it's really on the warm side.
"Sly As A Fox" (BTW: love the name *g*) has the same great formula as "Style Clan", but the brush is pretty wonky, a problem that has never occured to me before with any MAC polish. A few hairs aren't as straight as they should be, but surprisingly it didn't affect the application. Two coats was all it took to receive complete opacity, I had no streakiness or other issues.


  1. Mit "Style Clan" kann ich mich weniger anfreunden. Aber "Sly As A Fox" sieht großartig aus, und du hast recht, der Lack sieht sehr verführerisch aus. :)
    LG Petra

  2. Mein Favorit ist ja ebenfalls "Sly As A Fox", er geht ein wenig in Richtung Chanel "Rouge Fatal", nur brauner.

  3. Ich finde Style Clan aber auch wunderschön :-)

  4. Mein Favorit ist auch "Sly as a Fox". Sieht toll aus.

    Lieben Dank für Deinen Kommentar zur Frisurenberatung auf meinem Blog! *knuddel*


  5. Oi! I didn't get Style Clan, and your pic makes me want it now! No matter, I always decide I don't like MAC polishes after all. Jade Dragon even chipped on my toes in just four, yes 4! days! Usually my pedis last at least a month. :-\

  6. Meilu, Danke :-)

    Faerieberry, It's a lovely color, but if MAC polishes chip so badly on you, then why bother - just skip it.
    I discovered RBL polishes chip on me like crazy, boo!