Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

MAC "Rain of Flowers"

MAC's "Nail Trend F/W 2010" collection consisted of 6 nail polishes & one of them was "Rain of Flowers". This might be favourite blurple of all time, it's simply fantastic :-)

It's a deep purple/blue (= therefore blurple) base with lighter purple sparkles. I'd say it's almost a duchrome (blue/purple). 
In the bottle, the polish seems more vivid, but once applied to the nail, the sparkles get lost a bit. That's why I decided to add CND "Sapphire Sparkle" as well as CND "Amethyst Sparkle" to really bring them out. I've to say that I'm pretty content with the way this turned out ;-)


  1. Love this colour :)

    Love, vanilla

  2. Thank you, I'm very happy you like it :-)

  3. Hey Jabelchen :-)
    Danke! Ich finde die Farbe auch zum Anschmachten :-D

  4. This looks very pretty! I passed on this, as MAC polishes don't thrill me with their short wear time. I had thought it looked similar to OPI Ink, but this one has a 'lil something special.

  5. Hi sweetie :-)
    Maybe it has that extra something due to the CND polishes I layered on top?

  6. Der ist wunderschoen...nein, ich schmeiss jetzt nicht Ebay an...*g*


  7. really liking the deep mix of blue and purple with a little bit of glitz.

    Oh to Be a Muse

  8. Mac makes fantastic make-up. I love this nailpolish. Great blog btw I'm following your blog, hope you will consider following mine!

  9. V, Danke :-) Ich hab ihn von Douglas online, da gab es den letzte Woche noch, ich war total überrascht. (Vorher hatte ich auch schon bei Ebay geschaut *g*)

    Cheryl, Thank you :-)

    graphology, Danke, ich find ihn auch so schön :-)

    Andrea, Thank you :-) Following you, too :-D

  10. great color!


  11. Wunderschön, der Lack passt hervorragend zu Dir.
    Wie heißt denn bei MAC dieses Finish?

    Liebe Grüße.

  12. great nails! mines a bit of sparkly blurple too but more violet :)


  13. @ pop, Jennifer & Reg, Thank you so much :-)

    @ Britta, Vielen Dank *knuddel* Ich habe grade nachgeschaut, das Finish nennt sich "Frost", aber ich finde es überhaupt nicht frostig! Bei Frost muß ich immer sofort an "streifig" denken & der Lack ist absolut nicht streifig.

  14. i love this colours!! i love anything that sparkles:P thank you for your lovely comment on my blog i am following you now :) xx