Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

BYS "Down The Rabbit Hole"

BYS is an Australian cosmetic company that isn't sold in Germany. A while ago they released a Wonderland collection that contained 3 glitter polishes, "Down The Rabbit Hole" is one of them:

It's a black jelly base that contains large holo glitter. I took this picture with flash (which I normally don't like to do) so that the holo glitter shows up better.
You might think that this polish is pretty amazing, but let me tell you something: It reeks! 
I'm not overly sensitive to the smell of polish & I've never come across a polish that doesn't smell, but this one?! *duh* It smells freaking awful of all the bad chemicals that it most likely contains (I don't think it's B3F).
Unfortunately I had to take it off shortly after I took this photo. I haven't heard that others have the same problem with the smell, so it might be only me, but the smell effected my love for this polish big time. So be warned!


  1. Du setzt immer noch einen drauf ,der Lack ist ja wahnsinnig schön *mund wieder zuklapp*

    Liebe Grüße :D

  2. I agree. I think BYS might have the worst smell of all polish brands. I've found that most all my polishes that are made in China smell like death. I love my BYS Fern so much that I put up with it. If I was pregnant or planning to get pregnant I would steer clear of BYS though.

  3. LoveT. & graphology, Dankeschön :-) Aber durch den Geruch ist er eigentlich nicht tragbar.

    faerieberry, You should have warned me *lol* Or maybe you did & I forgot about it? It really smells sickening *ugh*