Samstag, 12. Februar 2011


Not only am I still in a bad mood due to my computer problems, now the weather turned bad, too: It started to snow! Boo! I hate snow!

So what to post?! Well, I hope not to bore you when I show you some photos I recently took.

 I wish y'all a great weekend :-)


  1. These are great! :) happy weekend :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. i love the one with the cherries. didn't know you had a snake! hope you are feeling better--don't let the snow get you down, luv!

  3. erstmal: danke für die lieben kommi's :) Von Lancome hab ich auch eine mascara, aber die benutz ich nicht so oft ;) wie gesagt, ich muss die sachen leer kriegen ^^
    jaaa, du hast total recht :D Zimt ist einfach... ich liebe ihn so, wenn ich plätzchen oder so backe kommt immer total viel davon rein ;>
    früher hab ich mir immer essence lidschatten gekauft, aber dann hab ich aufgehört & bin zu für mich besseren Marken zurückgekehrt, aber die Bloggerwelt mag essence ja wieder :D ich probier's einfach mal aus

    Ahhhhh ;) Bestimmt gibt's was, sagst du dann bescheid? :p

  4. i love the last one with the heart!


  5. I agree these pictures are nice!
    Tabatha thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Yes I'll follow you! Great blog...looking forward to seeing your next post.


  6. Really gorgeous photos!


    P.S. I am sick of snow too!

  7. The last photo is so cute!
    And thank you for your comment on my blog :-)
    I'm always happy when I find one of your's comments:-)
    Have a nice saturday night!

  8. Thanks for your comment! Off course I would like to follow each other, I follow you now, see you in my list soon!

  9. genau so ist es :) ich könnte darin baden, und das nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit xD

    Yo, das mach ich :D Goooosh, früher war ich total süchtig nach essence Lipglossen. Ich hatte SO viele, das war echt nicht mehr feierlich xD

    harr, harr - Schläge ;p aber nicht zu arg xDD

  10. Very goog pictures! We are follow you girl!

    from Amsterdam

  11. Loving days being inspired by nature and taking photos. Cool pics.

  12. hello!!! thanks for visiting my blog dear! im now following you <3 what camera do you use? i love the last photo!


  13. Cheryl, Thank you :-) You're right, no snow ain't going to bring me down!
    Yes, my snake is living in the hallway.
    What looks like cherries are the berries of an holly (or illex). Now that you mentioned it, they look like small cherries indeed!

    Dine, Je mehr Zimt je besser :-D

    Amandamarie, Thank you :-)

    Couture Carrie, Thank you :-) *high five* snow really sucks!

    Anna, Awww, thank you so much *hugs*

    Linton, Thank you, too :-)

    Marielle, Thank you :-) Following you, too!

    Dine, *Hihi* Nee, wenn, dann nur ein bißchen ;-D

    Sisters and Sisters, Thank you so much :-) You're welcome, I only wrote the truth.

    Giselle, Thank you :-) Nature's always very inspiring & I love being outside. (Well, as long as it isn't too cold that is :-D)

    Jamie, Thank you :-) The last one is my favourite, too. I'm using a Samsung NV24HD. Will follow you back :-)

  14. RE: That's great! It's amazing.. I got a little trial of it, so i'm going to buy the parfume soon<3

  15. What kind of apples are those? They look like something from Snow White. :)

  16. cute apple :)
    i love photography too...
    if u mind we can follow each other and be a friend, it's going nice :)

  17. i love your blog baby :) and im following you
    follow please my blog too
    a lot of kisses from poland!

    ich kann ein bischen deitsch schatz

  18. thanks for stopping by! sure, following.

  19. Nice picture!!

    Could you check out my blog and follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!!

  20. Julia Louise, That's a very good decision :-)

    faerieberry, I've no clue since I got them as a gift :-D But I can check at the grocery which kind it is & shoot you an email after I found out. They're really pretty, aren't they? ready to star in a fairytale!

    Catherine, Thank you :-)

    Dewliciouz, Thank you, I'm following you back :-)

    Eve Gore, Thank you very much! I already visited your blog :-D

    Oomph, Awesome, thank you!

    Veronica, Thank you :) Sure!

  21. Sweetie, GREAT photos! the last one is my favourite!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥

  22. wonderful pics :)

  23. Schöne Bilder! <3

    Wünsche morgen einen guten Wochenstart!

  24. Die Schlange ist aber süß! :-) So schön zusammengerollt! Ich musst zuerst 2x schauen, ich dachte das ist eine echte so schön hast du sie hingelegt!