Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Awful Day & A Dress

Hi guys!

Today I had an awful-awful-awful day & I feel a little uninspired at the moment. 
So this will be a, hopefully short, rant :-D
I have massive problems with my router (it always looses the connection to the internet when I'm visiting blogs & stuff like that), so I bought a new one, but the installation causes me problems. 
Yeah, I admit it, I'm not the brightest when it comes to computers...
The guy who wanted to install it for me decided he has already enough other things on his plate & won't come over to help, so I'm at a loss at the moment about how to get it properly installed. 
I hope to get the problems fixed over the weekend, otherwise I'll go nuts. Today I already had a tantrum - which left the router completely unimpressed! Unbelievable, right!?

Anyways, as you might have noticed I haven't posted any outfits on my blog, so I decided to do that today. It's nothing special, just a summer dress that I found in my closet. I can't remember when I bought it, but it still had the tag on, so  it's safe to say that I haven't worn it so far. It's purple, my favourite color besides black:

I promise to be in a better mood tomorrow :-D


  1. cute belt :)

  2. Thanks for your dear comment (:
    Too bad you had an awful day, I hope the problems with your router will be fixed tomorrow (:
    I like your dress very much!
    Purple is also my favourite colour ;D
    thanks for following, it makes my day :D

  3. Die Farbe des Kleides ist sehr schön. Solch einen Gürtel habe ich in weiß :-))

  4. Morgen geht es dir sicher besser *knuddel* ,hoffe das du die Probleme bald lösen kannst *daumen fest drück* :)

    Die Farbe von dem Kleid ist bezaubernd ,der Gürtel macht den Rest ,sehr hübsch!

  5. Awww...hope you feel better :0
    That dress is beautiful! Purple and blues are my fave as well. have yourself a great weekend XOXO

  6. PowerFlower, Thank you so much, your comment cheered me up :-)

    Meinstern, Danke :-) In weiß stell ich mir den auch sehr schön vor!

    LoveT., Dankeschön *knuddel* Daumen drücken muß einfach helfen, gell?

    Venus in Virgo, Thank you very much :-) Have a great weekend, too!

  7. aww i hope you feel better :) it's the weekend!!

    but your dress is a gorgeous color! love it on you!

  8. Great bright color, best of luck with the internet issues, I know how frustrating that can be.

  9. Die Farbe von dem Kleid ist toll! Ich will endlich gutes Wetter und solche Kleider im Alltag tragen! <3
    Mit der Inspirationslosigkeit muss ich mich anschliessen, bin die Tage sehr langweilig gewesen ^^

    Hast du einen alten Router? Oder woran liegt das Problem?

  10. Thank you for the lovely comment :)

    I hope you feel better now darling. I love the colour of that dress!

  11. the dress is gorgeous love the belt, sending you some positivity :)

  12. I hope your day turned around love x

  13. Hoffe, dir geht es besser :)) Das Kleid ist toll, ein Hingucker!

  14. i absolutely love the color of this dress, ahhh basically any bright color makes me day because of this dark and cold weather!


  15. thanks for your visit!
    I do undestand ......I'm not brightest too
    when we speak about computers .

    I sign as follower , I hope you will follow me back

    ciao ave

  16. Nice purple dress! Looks great on you :)
    Please come and check out my blog as well. Maybe we can follow each other.



  17. Really beautiful dress :) The colour is gorgeous

    Love, Vanilla

  18. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments & or trying to cheer me up :-)

    Tara, Hier ist es dunkel, da bekommt man eh keine gescheiten Fotos, selbst wenn man gute Ideen hätte *find*
    Jap, der Router ist älter & nicht der schnellste. Vllt. hat er deswg. Probleme mit den Blogs? Wenn ich doch nur den neuen installiert bekäme *rummecker* ;-)

  19. Tolles Kleid, hoffe bald ist deine Laune wieder besser und du bist wieder inspiriert :-)

  20. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. x

  21. I really hope everything has been sorted and you are feeling fine now. (((hugs))) I love the purple shade of that dress. I love purple, but I have few purple items in my closet. What's more shocking is that I have more purple polish than any other color.. unless you combine my greens and teals, then there's double the amount. :)

  22. Hello..I loved your blog:) very nice photo.I was the audience.waiting for my blog:) Excellent dress..thanks.kısses

  23. The purple colour of the dress is amazing!!
    Where did you find it?
    However, this colour is perfect for summer.
    Maybe with a white nailpolish and white sandals:-)
    Thank you for your comment, you're really nice:-)

  24. White cabbage, Thank you :-)

    graphology, Danke :-) Ist zum Glück schon wieder besser mit der Inspiration & so :-D

    Sia, Thank you for stopping by :-)

    faerieberry, I haven't that much purple clothes either, but I've A LOT of purple polishes *high five*

    moda gezgini, Thank you :-) I'm checking out your blog soon!

    Pix, Thank you very much :-) The dress is from a store here in Germany called Takko. It was on clearance, so pretty inexpensive!