Dienstag, 27. September 2011

YSL "Wintergreen" spiced up!

Last week I was so excited to finally get YSL "Wintergreen", a polish I was lemming since quite a while. It's my first YSL polish!
But to be honest: it left me a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's a really nice polish with an awesome formula (one thick coat is all you need), but it's not all that unique. 
It's quite a bit darker than it looks on most online swatches that I saw & the shimmer doesn't show up at all - unless you're holding your hands under bright artificial light. In the sun, you can detect a teensy hint of shimmer - but only because you already know it's supposed to be there *lol*
It's a dark blue-tinged green, boardering on teal with a very subtle teal shimmer. Even though the shimmer looks almost goldish teal in the bottle, there's not the slightest bit of gold once it's on the nail.

Wanna take a look? Here we go (as always: *please click to enlarge*):

If only it looked as awesome as it does in the bottle:

So I decided it needed to be spiced up :-D To do so, I used one coat of Nubar "Supernatural Gold" & one coat of CND Effect "Teal Sparkle":

While I like the result, I think you could easily achieve a similar look using a less expensive teal as a base. Something like e.g. CND "Urban Oasis" should do the trick as well.
Unless you're a huge YSL fan, I'd strongly recommend sampling it in store (if you have the chance to do so) before committing to purchase.


  1. Ich finde den Lack solo auch wunderschön, ebenso mit "Teal Sparkle". :) Ich glaube Fashionpolish.com hatte "Wintergreen" kürzlich zu einem Duochrome gefranked, das sah auch klasse aus.

    LG Petra

  2. Vefuehre mich nicht zum Kaufen ;)

    Toller Lack, an dem ich eh schon immer vorbeischleiche


  3. That's a gorgeous shade of green. I think the mini flecks give it dimension. I totally agree, it's a bit of a disappointment that the color doesn't stay true from the bottle to your nails. Oh well, I love that you kicked it up a notch w/your own glitters. Very pretty.

    xo- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  4. Oh wow! Wunderschöne Farbe! Gefällt mir sehr :)
    Liebste grüße & einen schönen Tag liebes :)

  5. Tolle Farbe ,und mit dem Teal Sparkle noch hübscher :)


  6. Mit dem Glitter sieht der Lack wirklich sensationell aus :-)