Freitag, 9. September 2011

Glitter anyone?

Today I'd like to show you some of the manicures I've worn in the past days/weeks.

Essie "Bermuda Shorts" with Nubar "Black Polka Dots" & "White Polka Dots" on top:

I've heard bad things about "Bermuda Shorts", mainly that it is a PITA to apply (sheer, streaky,...), but I didn't have any problems with it at all. It applied really nicely & was opaque with 2 coats. 
It's a neon fuchisa (even though Essie described it as purple ^^) & therefore dries matte, so a TC is definitely needed (unless you like the matte finish that is of course), but as I layered one coat of Nubar "Black Polka Dots" as well as one coat of Nubar "White Polka Dots" on top, the polish turned shiny anyways. I used one coat of Poshe over this combo anyways as I wanted the coats to dry as quickly as possible.

China Glaze "It's Alive" with Orly "Here Comes Trouble":

I did one coat of China Glaze "It's Alive", a dark olive green base with differently sized smaller & lighter green glitter particles from the 2011 China Glaze Halloween collection, then one coat of Orly "Here Comes Trouble" from the Orly Pinup summer 2011 collection which is a bright grass green with small glitter particles of the same color. Then I did another coat of "It's Alive" & topped everything with one coat of Poshe.
With combining those two greens I intented to lighten up the "fall mood" of "It's Alive" & I think it turned out kind of nice. What do you think?

OPI "Grape...Set...Match" with OPI "DS Temptation":

This is two coats of OPI "DS Temptation" the newest addition to the OPI DS collection over 2 coats of OPI "Grape...Set...Match" from the OPI Serena Williams "Glam Slam! England" release.
"Glam...Set...Match" texture is somewhat thin & somewhere between water-y & jelly. 3 coats (or 2 very thick ones) would be needed to reach opacity, but as I knew that I wanted to layer another polish on top, I only used 2 thin ones. Its base is a red-based purple that's full of deep pink (almost fuchsia) & blue microglitter. It looks amazing on it's own, too.
"DS Temptation" has a dark blurple base with lots of purple, blue, magenta & some silver glitter. It's really stunning & like the name suggests extremely tempting when you love purple & glitter :-D I haven't worn it on its own, but I think it's safe to say that it needs 3 coats to get opaque.
I think both go together very well & I couldn't stop looking at my hands while wearing this combo.

OPI "Chapel Of Love" with Cult Nails "Captivated" on top:

OPI "Chapel Of Love" is a vivid warm pink with a hint of coral & subtle gold shimmer. I used 2 coats for opacity & layered Cult Nails "Captivated", a coral-y jelly shoot with coral, gold (& IMO also a bit of lilac) glitter. It's absolutely gorgeous & very sparkly, but also a tad goopy, that's why I chose to layer it instead of wearing it alone. (Of course you can also wear it alone, it'll take 3 coats to get opaque.)
I only used one layer of Poshe, because I don't care if the surface is still a little rough, but if you want it to be totally smooth, you might want to add 2 coats of TC.

Orly "Royal Navy" & NYX Girls "Maven" jelly sandwich:

For this jelly sandwich, I used one coat of Orly "Royal Navy", a semi sheer (3 coats of opacity) royal blue jelly with turquoise microglitter, then - to enhance the glitter - I used one coat of NYX Girls "Maven", an aqua glitter that is better used as a glitter TC than worn alone since it's pretty sheer - & topped it with another 2 coats of "Royal Navy".
I also like "Royal Navy" on its own - it's one of my favorite jelly polishes ever - but I wanted to do something a little different hence "Maven" came into play.
While I like the combo, I think I still prefer "Royal Navy" on its own :-)

Nicole by OPI "Too Rich For You" with OPI "Sparkle Teal Sunrise" on top:

This is two coats of Nicole by OPI "Too Rich For You" from their Gossip Girl collection (which is said to be a dupe for the OPI Ulta exclusive "Shimmer Into Summer" collection "How Are You Blue-in"), deep teal blue shimmer polish topped with OPI  "Sparkle Teal Sunrise" from the same Ulta exclusive collection. "Sparkle Teal Sunrise" is a sheer green (almost teal) jelly loaded with small multi-colored glitter particles. It's best worn as a TC since it's way too sheer to ever reach opacity.
I think this combo is really lovely!

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. the royal navy is such a fantastic colour!

    jos xx

  2. geil geil geil!
    Alle sehen supppppppper aus :))))
    Tolle Manis!
    Liebste Grüße :)

  3. Den von Essie finde ich sehr schön. =)

  4. I love OPI colors!!!
    Buen fin de semana, guapa!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  5. Schöne Lacke, den letzten finde ich am besten :-)

  6. Orly "Royal Navy" is amazing, so beautiful, I love that color.

  7. das grün und das rot finde ich besonders schön!

  8. i love the first i just love essie polish because it lasts forever on my nails!

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  9. OMG!!..Love all of them..Absolutely gorgeous..^_^..