Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Where Did All The Flowers Go?

...They're on my nails! *yay* :-D

You already know this nailart from my last OotD photos, but I wanted to do an extra post on it to show you a more detailed pic. 
Actually, I planned to do a tutorial showing you in which order to apply the polishes, which brush & dotting tool I used, etc. 
But then it happened...*tension is rising* camera broke! It suddenly showed "card error" & from then on I couldn't take pictures anymore :-( 
My memory card is integrated in the camera, so I don't know if it's possible to repair it without costing a fortune. It's only 2 1/2 years so I didn't expect any issues, yet & I really need my cam! 
Hopefully, tomorrow I'll know more. At the worst, I need to buy a new cam. Geez, this is so sucky, first my modem, now my cam - as if I had a cash cow...

So all I can show you at the moment is a picture of my floral nailart:

I used one coat of Illamasqua "Boosh" as a base. It's important to use a polish that only needs one or two coats so that it dries quickly. If you don't wait until the base polish is dry, you'll mess up the design.
Then I used a fine nailart brush to apply small strokes of Orly "Pixy Stix", Illamasqua "Jo'Mina" & Orly "Gumdrop" that formed the flowers. The last step was to apply small dots of Misa "Happy Happy"as the center of the flowers & to highlight the design.
It took me about an hour to do this design, it's the most complicated nailart I did to date.


  1. wow das sieht ja super aus :)

  2. sooooooo cool!
    >Frühling-Nägel< yeaaaah!
    Herzliche grüße und einen schönen Abend noch!
    Bussi :)

  3. wow wow wow. You're soooo talented!! they're actually really detailed! extra great! can't wait to see a video of yours!!!

    jos xx

  4. So pretty. Now you have me playing with my polishes :)

  5. Kurz und bündig, das Design gefällt mir richtig gut!
    Ich bin ansich nicht sonderlich scharf darauf aufwändige Nailart zu pinseln, aber die Farben der Blümchen auf dunkler Base sieht klasse aus und leicht verspielt. :)

  6. Die Naegel sehen super aus und vergiss das, was ich dir eben geschrieben habe. Wenn die Karte intrigiert ist, geht das logischweise nicht.Ich weiss aber,warum die Digi Cam nicht weg darf-sollte mal irgendwann meine Grosse kaputt gehen . Eine
    Cash Cow haette ich auch gerne...


  7. I love your nails!!! are very beautiful!! :) kisses honey

  8. Wow, is very nice!, amazing!

  9. AWESOME floral nailpolish! always so original!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Your nail art is seriously so beautiful. You really should consider going into makeup/nail business. You would make a FORTUNE. I wish I had your skills! I can barely paint my nails the regular way. Lol.

  11. So sorry to hear about your camera! Those nails are super cute. I know you already won the Stylish Blogger award, but I decided to pass it on to you again. Haha!

  12. this is so pretty, as always :) and sorry to hear about your camera dear... a tutorial would be so cool!!

  13. ich bewundere deine geduld, ne stunde nur für die nägel ^^
    ist toll geworden!

  14. Das Nail Design sieht wunderschön aus ,unglaublich wie genau du auf "so wenig" Platz arbeiten kannst ,perfekt!

    LG :)

  15. Es macht immer so viel Spass hier reinzuschauen, Du hast immer etwas kreatives und hübsches zu zeigen. Bist Du Rechts- oder Linkshänderin? Wie bekommst Du das SO gut hin? Wahnsinn! Ich kann nicjt mal einfachen Lack auftragen :( Ehrlich gesagt habe ich auch nicht die Nägel dazu *seufz*

    Was Deinen Kommentar angeht, ja die Kater schleichen sich in fast jedes Bild rein! :) Na ja und meine Stirn is' halt 'n bisschen hoch lol! Meine Figur war mal besser, ich arbeite noch daran....und dieser Rock war der absolute Killer....supereng....konnte gar nicht aus dem Auto raus (oder rein) *gg*

  16. Pretty! Perfect for Spring!

  17. Sehr schön. Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, ist das also Freihand gemalt; das ist der Wahnsinn!
    Da hätte ich gar nicht das ruhige Händchen dafür, ich faile immer schon beim Stampen.
    Danke für das schöne Bild und ich hoffe, dass Deine Cam repariert werden kann.
    Liebe Grüße.

  18. It's such a pretty design :) I hope you get your camera sorted soon :)

    Love, Vanilla

  19. How very, very pretty!!! Sorry to hear about your camera! I hope you're able to get it fixed or get a new one soon! :)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Fabulous Florida Mommy

  20. Wow nicE! i like !!

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  21. diiiiese nägel schon wieder,
    ich bin total neidisch auf dich, dass du sowas immer so präzise hinkriegst,
    echt total schön (:

  22. wow that's awesome!
    i hope it'll be okay with your camera :)

  23. amazing!! i love the black base and the bright colors! and i also love the way i explained what u did thank u for the tips!!
    i hope ur camera will get fixed soon! have a lovely friday!! xxx

  24. i cant even paint my nails a SOLID color and you go and do something like this?!!? it's gorgeous!!!

    i hope u have a great weekend and have more exciting plans than i do!!!

    <3 megan

  25. wow they look SO professional! I could never tell that you did them yourself! the lines are all so perfect

  26. Wow.....Great!!!Love your nail..Wish I could have mine done as well as yours..:P


    Don't bother to pass by anytime...:)

  27. Congrats and Good job once again :)
    I like the flower touch'

  28. looks so adorable!
    looking at the bright colours makes me happy

    have a great weekend

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    xx, louise from sweden.

  30. das sieht echt super toll aus, ich habe dafür einfach kein ruhiges händchen

  31. Hm, will have to try this! Love the outcome!! Hope everything goes well with your camera!

  32. I'm in love with your nails!!

  33. Beautiful nail art. Good luck on your cam.


  34. are you serious? Cameras always break at the WORST moment! And your nails are wonderful, they look so retro to me!

  35. Gorgeous! It looks really amazing! You did a great job Tabatha!

  36. I skipped this post!!Fortunatelly I watched it:-) so cute nails :-)
    Why don't you try them also with a white base instead of black for spring? :-)