Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Don't Paint It Black

Hi guys :-)

I'm sorry, I haven't posted in a while & I can't check your blogs as often as I'd like to :-( So please don't think I'm ignoring you, I just happen to be really busy these days & can't sit in front of the computer as often as I'd like to.

Today I'd like to show you an outfit that I wore a few days ago. As much as I love the color black, I decided this year I should try to think out of the box & try to wear more colorful outfits. 
I already bought several floral print dresses & skirts, but it's still too cold to wear them. Even though it has gotten warmer with lots of sunshine, unfortunately the air is still pretty cold.

So this is my first take on a not solely black outfit:

My boyfriend came home & made fun of me while I tried to take a pic.
I couldn't stop giggling because he acted so silly :-D

The pattern of my dress.

Jewelry & Chanel "Black Pearl" polish.


My favorite boots ever! They are so comfortable & I wear them all the time.

dress: C&A

scarf: From a little boutique near to where I live.

leggins: American Apparel

shoes: Deichmann

Me, wearing my nude everyday make up. In everyday life, I often don't have the time to put on a whole lot of make up (& admittingly, I can be a little lazy, too *g*).
Sorry, the quality of my photo is even worse than usual. I've no clue why that is, I think the lighting was pretty bad.

eyes: MAC "Shroom" all over lid & to highlight. MAC "Satin Taupe" in crease. No liner.

face: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundation in NW20

cheeks: MAC "Melba"

lips: MAC "Hug Me"

polish: Chanel "Black Pearl"

I'm also wearing a pigtail headband that I purchased a few weeks ago from eBay.
If I remember correctly, it's a Singapore based seller.
As I could only go from the pictures he posted, I was a little unsure about which color to choose.
Then I decided to go for light brown, even though I think my hair isn't light but rather medium brown. Anyways, turned out the color of the hairband looks exactly like the swatch *yay* IMO, it matches my haircolor pretty well.


  1. wunderschönes kleid :)

    und auch das make up ist mal wieder sehr hübsch!

  2. Thank you so much sweetie :)
    Oh really, congrats :)
    Yeah he is from Bosnia :) hehe ..


  3. Beautiful outfit and love your hair!

  4. Nice outfit. Love your hair and makeup too.

  5. you are so beauty with this simple make up!
    perfect dress!

  6. are you serious when you say that you don't like colors? all this time your nails are always colorful, your make as well... colorful thinks fit you perfectly! i think you should give ita try more often! :D

  7. Das Make Up it wirklich wunderschoen und schmeichelt deinem Gesicht wirklich wunderbar!
    Schau mal auf meinen Blog-mache gerade ein Giveaway

  8. I love how you put thought into everything you wear. You look very pretty and that shade of blue looks lovely on you.

  9. love the pattern of your dress, and your make-up looks so stunning :):)

  10. The headband definitely blends in well - such a cute look!

  11. You look gorgeous hun not matter what you wear and what makeup on your face..^_^.. Love you dress..

  12. Tabatha, you are just an amazing person. So beautiful so creative! I love your make-up. I wish we can live close to exchange ideas! beijossssss

  13. Mir gefällt deine Kreativität sehr, du findest immer einen Look, der rundum stimmig ist und sehr gut aussieht. Black Pearl zeigt auf dem einen Bild auch mal die türkise Seite, sehr schön. :)
    LG Petra

  14. You look stunning; love it all. :)

  15. You are so gorgeous, your eyes are just beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment:)


  16. Your outfit is beautiful! I love the pattern on your dress. Those boots definitely look comfy. :)

  17. i love the dress! its so pretty! along with the jewelry you paired it with!
    and your everyday face look is so pretty!

  18. oh gosh tabatha, i love your make up! i wish you can do mine :)

  19. Sooo hübsch ,in dem Kleid siehst du aus wie eine wunderschöne Puppe ,total süß *Knuddler* :D

    Liebe Grüße!

  20. Deine Haare sehen spitzenmässig aus! Sehr natürlich, dieses Haarband. Dein Make Up gefällt mir sehr, tja einfach wenn mann solche Augen hat! :)
    Oh, ich trage auch öfters das "Satin Taupe" von MAC, ist einer meiner Lieblingslidschatten.

  21. Cute dress and I love the accessories :)

  22. Tabatha you look great in Chanel!!adore how it looks on your hands! and , bye the way, my boyfriends makes fun of me too while taking pics :-)
    I think it's really common!!:-D

    Have a jump to kiko! here in italy is the best for non expensive make up!
    We do use it a lot! And it's full of nailpolish colors, this was the simplest one! :-)new post!

  23. Love your dress, it's very pretty :) and I adore your earings and nail colour. Great makeup too... fresh and natural, you look beautiful :)

    Love, Vanilla

    P.s I wear the stawberry and popcorn miss dior cherie :) I'm not so keen on the new one :)

  24. you look like a princess here! :)

  25. Das Outfit ist sehr schön; alles zusammen super miteinander abgestimmt; I like <3.
    Und auch das MU wieder sehr gelungen, ein toller Alttagslook.
    Du bist super-hübsch.
    Liebe Grüße.

  26. Flowers are soo spring! I just can't wait! xoxo

  27. You look great even without srtong make up. And the outfit is really cool.

  28. cute!
    i love the natural make up on you!! u look pretty!
    thank u so much for ur lovely comments and support about my fashion show :) xx

  29. Oh du siehst wunderhübsch aus! =)
    Sehr tolles Outfit! *i like* Und das Make up erst, du hast sehr schöne tolle große Augen!
    Zu deiner Frage auf meinem Blog, die Kette ist überhaubt nicht schwer, sie ist sogar sehr leicht! Also vollkommen tragbar..^^ Aber kann dich da echt gut verstehen..Liebste Grüße <3

  30. Well, you're beautiful as always))

  31. What a nice outfit!

    colour looks nice on you, you should wear colour clothes more often!

  32. The design on your dress is so so fabulous. Great idea to put up a closeup of it!!!
    Fashion Panache - Patiala Salwar Bottoms

  33. Das Outfit ist so toll, es steht dir richtig gut :-)

  34. Soooooooooooo mega hammer geil!
    Gefällt mir wirklich sehr!
    deine Haare sehen super aus!
    das ist richtig schick!
    Alles bombastick-fantastick
    Kussssssssssssssssssssssi <3 <3 <3

  35. love your boots too, and that's a great pattern on that dress. i find myself in a lot of black as well, so i'm also trying to dress out of the box too. :)

  36. Very nice outfit, you look very good and the dress is beautiful.
    This is such a good idea with the braided headband, it's easier this way, because I'm not that good at braiding my hair.

  37. Hey!
    I know your not ignoring me :) I'm so busy too! Trying to run two different blogs & personal stuff is too much.
    I really like this outfit, very comfy and the pattern is really pretty. Your hair looks great as well. It's nice to add a pop of color every now and then. Take care and keep in touch XOXO

  38. when i saw the first two photos i thought i was looking at a Barbie!

  39. Great floral dress! Perfect for spring. xo style, she wrote

  40. I always enjoy the posts! Looking forward to many more (:The things given are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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  41. this is such a cute outfit! I love all your accessories and your pretty dress :)


  42. Ich habe leider keinen richtigen Lieblingsverein... ich weiß seeehr blöd! Aber ich mag dortmund, leverkusen und den FC (seit neustem ;). Welcher ist denn dein Lieblingsverein?
    Ich spiele auch selber schon seit über 10 Jahren und ja,man gewöhnt sich an die Männer und dass es "ihr Reich" ist :D

  43. Das Kleid schaut wunderschön aus! Besonders weil es oben rum so schön zudeckt, das mag ich an Kleidern, ich mag Spaghettiträger-Kleider nicht so gern, das hier gefällt mir wirklich super-gut!

  44. You look gorgeous in that outfit, I love it! And your earrings and boots, yes please! You have great style =)

  45. vielen,vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar wegen meiner op <3

  46. ohh tabatha i'm so happy that you're doing OOTD photos.. so cute!!

    omg i'm seriously in love with your everyday makeup.. it's so fresh faced and pretty! your eyes are so big!! i'm so jealous!!

  47. That's a lovely print and you look so cool! I love your eyelashes and your eyes! :)

  48. du hast absolut tolle wimpern..., sind die echt so, oder hast du eine welle drin? das outfit ist übrigens super!

  49. u are so nice))
    i love ur eyes
    ans ue sense of style
    i started to follow u
    it will be great if u follow me too <3333

    polina muse
    with love

  50. Es cierto que abusamos del negro, este vestido me encanta y hace juego con tus ojos. Besos Marcela.

  51. jepp mal will nicht gleich von anfang an stress mit dem vermieter etc haben, und wir waren froh eine wohnung gefunden zu haben, die in etwas unseren vorstellungen entsprach (natürlich ohne dreck hehe)---. naja, die suche geht weiter bis wir etwas besseres oder gar eigenes gefunden haben müssen wir wohl den zustand ertragen :)
    danke fürs lesen und kommentieren, wünsch dir ein tolles wochenende!

  52. You look very beautiful!
    And the dress is beautiful


  53. Ooooh I love how your hair is done!
    I'm working on wearing less black, too :d
    Take your time to answer the e-mail, I understand how it feels like when you have a dozen of things on your to-do-list :d

    I'm working in the garden for about an hour everyday now, lol. People in Belgium are crazy about super neat grass lik they have on football fieds. And perfect square hedges and stuff. Even though Japanese/chinese gardens happen to be a bit like that, too, I love them! And I also love wild ones :d
    I was very sad about Elizabeth Taylor, too, but I'm glad she had to chance to age gracefully. Not like Marilyn, her life was so sad :( She was so young and I think only few people understood her...

    Most of all I listen to music from the fifties, sixties,... I also love music from the nineties :d And the hip hop and R&B that was made between 1990 - 2005. Something like that:
    Memories! I rarely listen to evanescence or nightwish, but when I have a mood like that, I listen to it for about 4 days non-stop. And native american music. For some reason I really feel connected with Native Americans. I cry at this song: {the text in the beginning...}

    And this is my current obsession:

    I almost forgot to mention that in these pictures you can tell your a German woman, there's something in your face that reminds me of other famous german women. {And then I have Claudia Schiffer in mind and not Angela Merkel...} You are beautiful!

  54. I tried to comment on this post a while ago but it looks like it didn't go through! :S

    Ah well. Lol.

    I just wanted to let you know I adore your everyday makeup. It is so chic and effortless, plus you are so gorgeous you are able to get away with minimal makeup. :) I love your outfit as well. The black scarf was the perfect touch! xoxo

  55. Fantastic!!!

  56. I always notice your hair first and I was just about to comment about your plaits when i saw it’s a hair band. It looks just like your actual hair colour and I love your hair colour so much! It has an ashen brown tone to it that I absolutely adore. I like your black boots too coz the ribbons are so unique.
    I’ve completed your tag and I’ve also tagged you in another tag. If you’re bz, it’s perfectly ok. I just tot it would be fun.

  57. Bin sehr überzeugt von MAC-Kosmetik...Bin zwar noch auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Make-up, aber bin da zuversichtlich. Das Kleid ist übrigens supersüß!


  58. hahaha :)I'll be flattered with the whistle!
    thanks ... have a great week! beijooossss


  59. You pull off such a great look here. also, I love ebay! & the Chanel polish. very nice.

  60. Great outfit..:))Love your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

  61. hey tabatha! beauty tips post on my blog, and of course I'd like to have your opinion if you have time :-)

    Waiting for a new post from you!
    Anna <3

  62. your hair=gorgeous! i like it like this! your looks always inspire me, and then when i go to do them, i lose patience because i have no skill when it comes to hair or makeup. although i did try the nails that one time and they messed up :-)

    hope ur having a good week C!