Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Lynnderella "Mysterious Ways"

Yesterday I got a package from a dear friend full of Lynnderella polishes *swoons* (Thank you again. C. :-))
If you aren't familiar with Lynnderella, please take a look at her blog:
She's a one-woman-show & makes the best glitter polishes on the planet. Currently, you can buy them at llarowe's online shop. But they always sell out so fast, you gotta be quick to get a hold of the ones you're lemming.

I decided to wear "Mysterious Ways" which is grey with a violet undertone (that's pretty faint IMO). It's loaded with holographic squares, hexagons, diamonds & dust. There's also lots of grey, multi-colored, silver & white shimmer. 

So you see it's a pretty complex color, but also very sheer, so it's best to layer it over another color. I decided to wear "Mysterious Ways" over Essie "Lapis of Luxury", a cornflower blue. "Mysterious Ways" makes "Lapis pf Luxury" more dusty which I really like, but please see for yourself:

*please click to enlarge*

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Huhu liebes!
    *freu* dass du wieder da bist!
    der nagellack sieht echt toll aus!
    Liebste Grüße & schönen Abend!

  2. ich schliesse mich meiner vorgängerin an :-)
    sieht wundervoll aus die mani!


  3. Wow, that's a great post! I think grey is the perfect colour for each type of occasion. I absolutely love your blog and I'm following you, so I'd like if you follow me, too: pass and express your opinion about posts, outfits and so on. Thanks and congratulations again!!:)