Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback

Hi guys!

Long time no see! I'm very sorry for my long absence, but due to chronical health issues (I don't want to go into detail here) I cannot post as regularly as I'd like to. I'll try my best to post as often as I can, though.

So here's a makeover I did yesterday, the warm weather inspired me to go for something a little colorful.

Unfortunately my camera always makes me look so much paler than I actually am *Boo!*

face: Chanel Vitalumière Aqua B40

cheeks: NARS Orgasm blush

eyes: MAC Aquadisiac e/s on lower lid & blended into crease. MAC Vanilla e/s as higlighter. Carbon e/s as liner on upper & lower lashline. Smudged with Aquadisiac e/s on lower lashline.

lips: YSL Rouge Volupté # 26 Tender Peach.

nails: Essence King of Mints (You Rock LE)

This is the outfit I wore, here you can see that I already have a bit of a tan *yay* :-D

As promised, I'm trying to explore other colors besides black & I think I like this dress so much because it's a compromise: It's black mixed with other colors. This way the change doesn't hurt that much *lol*

dress: Tally Weijl

shoes: Street

jewelry: I don't remember where I bought it.

Thanks for looking :-)


  1. Toller Look ,ich mag die Farben gerne an dir :) ,das Kleid steht dir ebenfalls sehr hübsch!

    Schön das du wieder da bist ,L^^

  2. Ohhh!!! Du bist ja wieder da!
    Das ist sooooo schön! *hüpf*
    Habe Dich in Blogger-Welt sehr vermisst!

    Siehst toll aus!
    Toller Look!
    Und das AMU ist ja richtig cool!
    Bussi & GLG! :)

  3. oh my gosh girl i have missed u!!! :( i hope things are going well and im glad to have you back, even if it is just every so often!

    your makeup looks amazing as usual :-) i love the lipstick :-)

    have a great day <3 and i love the new layout!

  4. I love the new design of your blog! Your eye makeup is so pretty and I'm loving this dress.

  5. hoffe dir geht es besser :)

    das kleid finde ich sehr schön!

  6. Super schön! Die Farben sehen toll an dir aus!

  7. Schön, dass du wieder da bist. Das AMU ist wieder wunderschön :-)

  8. Hope you recover quickly! You look lovely! The eye makeup is gorgeous!

  9. absolutly charming, awesome outfit! und willkommen zurück!

  10. Awe, thanks so much for the compliments! You know, I don't know the name of the yellow nail polish (I just grabbed it at the last minute at the manicurist) and it's not an Essie or Opi color. It's actually very cheap and it peeled off the very next day! I do love it though and plan to use it again but only if Essie or Opi has something similar. Those polishes last longer.

  11. super schöner Look! Der Lidschatten hat eine tolle Farbe, so ein schönes blau/türkis!

    Kann es sein, dass bei Blogger die Leserlisten spinnen? Ich wurde bei einigen Blogs als Leser gelöscht :-S hatte mich schon gewundert, dass ich so lange keine Beiträge mehr gesehen hatte in meinem Dashboard :-/

  12. Wie schön, wieder von dir zu lesen liebe Tabatha, freue mich sehr! :)

    Dein Look sieht sehr schön aus, das Aquablau steht dir einfach gut, zusammen mit dem Nagellack, klasse!
    LG und gute Besserung für deine Gesundheit.

  13. I love the look hun..absolutely gorgeous..^_^..Hope you'll get well soon hun..Take care of yourself..=)..

  14. Yay! You're back! I was getting worried. I love the new look of the blog. and the dress is so cute! I love rosettes. Also, your shoes remind me of a pair I once had. They are a bit witchy! :)

  15. I know you are dealing with health issues, but I think you are beautiful. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to resume posting.

  16. It's great to *see* you again! :) I'm sorry to hear about your health issues, and truly hope everything is going ok.

    Your new blog design is absolutely adorable, and you are looking gorgeous as usual! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Fabulous Florida Mommy

  17. I am SO glad you are back and that you are ok :) beautiful look as always hun! really am glad you are back :)

    Love, vanilla

  18. Well, Willkommen zurück!! :)
    Ich möchte Ihnen ein Sonnenschein Auszeichnung hier:*Your Award!

  19. This BLUE make up is si nice!
    Great job tabatha as usual ;-)

  20. I'm glad you're back. I missed your posts here! I hope you're fine now.